What is NAYA Academy?

NAYA Academy is a global training platform dedicated fully to Data. This is where professionals, experts, and vendors from all over the world meet to share industry knowledge, expertise, best practices, and  solutions.

How is NAYA Academy different?

NAYA Academy is not another training website. NAYA Academy is a virtual meeting place where professionals, experts, vendors, and partners meet to share knowledge about the fastest growing industry in the world – the Data industry. Our courses are delivered live to deliver all the benefits of learning in a classroom online

Who is NAYA Academy for?

NAYA Academy was created to help present and future Data professionals gain knowledge. People interested in entering the Data world, as well as professionals interested in changing the course of their careers, find NAYA Academy a first stop in their quest.


What are the benefits of live online learning?

  • You can join class anywhere – don’t let commute, traffic, or weather slow you down.
  • Network with other professionals – learning is not only reading textbooks and listening to lectures. Surround yourself with likeminded professionals, connect, learn together, and who knows where this may lead. You may land a friend or your next job.
  • Get support in class – forget about joining online classes for one specific reason, burning an hour of your life, and never getting the answers you need. In a live classroom you can ask questions and get answers on the spot.

Who teaches the courses?

Our courses are instructed by world experts and professionals with real world experience and success stories.

How are courses structured?

Each course includes lectures, Q&A, and hands-on exercises. Each class may look slightly different depending on the topic. But no worries – we make sure to balance each class and provide the best suiting learning experience, depending on the objectives of each class.

What is a learning path?

A learning path is our way to track your progress and show you the opportunities for growth. Every time you complete a course, it will be indicated in your learning path, under your profile. You will also be able to see some suggestions as to what courses to take next to achieve your goals. Don’t worry – no one can see your learning path unless you want them to.

How canI become an expert in my field?

Start small. Take courses one by one. We will track your progress in your learning path, in your profile, and recommend the next course to achieve your goals. Don’t worry – no one can see your learning path unless you want them to.