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R Sql Tableau United I’ve been using SQL Server for years, working a lot with Tableau more recently, and playing around with R because it interests me. Tableau works seamlessly with SQL and can connect to R as well, and now SQL 2016 has a built-in R server with lots of potential. So I thought about uniting all three of them: The first obstacle to overcome was the execution of basic R code in SQL Server. The installation is straightforward as part of SQL 2016 (https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/mt696069.aspx), but there’s an issue […]

Easy Transposing (Cross-Tabulation) of Any Relation Table

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The challenge Sometime we need to transpose a table, that is, to turn unique values from one or more column in the table into multiple columns in the results. This operation might actually de-normalize the data in the relational table. For example, let’s refer to table Production.Product in the sample database AdventureWorks. Each ProductID belongs to a ProductLine, as shown in the sample below: Suppose we want to display the following result sets: A list in a row of all Name values per each ProductLine: A list in a row […]

Rebuilding a HEAP with nonaligned index

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This post is designed to help you rebuild a HEAP with nonaligned indexes and without any issues. Starting in SQL Server 2008, you can rebuild an entire HEAP table using the command: ALTER TABLE tbl_Demo REBUILD Moreover, if the HEAP table is partitioned, you may specify a particular partition number to be rebuild as follows: ALTER TABLE tbl_Demo REBUILD PARTITION = n While n is the partition number being rebuild in order (read more about this command here). While performing a daily regular index maintenance operation to rebuild all indexes and […]

How to Optimize Your Optimization Plan

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Database optimization plans are great. But the truth is that optimization plans must be optimized as well.The following maintenance plan for optimization was created at a client sites. You may notice that this is incorect. I thought I’d share this and explain how to correct it so you can avoid making the same mistake or correct your own maintenance plans.

Super Boost Data Loads with UNUSABLE

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Indexes are a great tool for performance tuning and often provide a drastic performance boost to our SQL statement by reducing the amount IO performed. However, indexes also have a performance penalty during DML operations (Insert / Update / Delete), and especially during heavy data loads to the table. This is due to index maintenance overhead, as each change in the table causes a corresponding change in the index. And the more indexes exist for the table, the more acute this overhead becomes. To speed up the data load it […]