Become a Trainer

NAYA Academy trainers represent the best in their fields, bringing peerless expertise to the domain of data instruction. Delivered in multiple languages, training is live, allowing direct and real-time student/instructor interaction.

We welcome applications from experts that have the credentials and experience that the caliber of our training requires. We are looking for the best of the best – anywhere in the world, and in any language.

As partners, NAYA trainers receive a share of the revenue they generate, and have access to the best training tools and technology available. At NAYA Academy, you can make a true impact on a number of fields of expertise:

Data technology expert? Apply to become a trainer.

We are accepting applications from Data Tech experts anywhere in the world and in any language – apply to join NAYA Academy as trainers!

  • Share your expertise
  • Inspire others
  • Build your personal brand

How it works

  • Reach professionals worldwide (We promote to relevant professionals worldwide)
  • Train like a pro (Training tools and technology are on us)
  • Monetize your expertise (As an equal partner, you keep a share of the revenue)
  • Make an impact (Change the way people think and define the course of the industry)

Your expertise

  • Big Data
  • Databases
  • Data Analytics
  • Development
  • Business Intelligence (BI)

Applicants should

  • have proven training experience
  • be an expert in your field
  • have hands-on experience in the real world
  • Be passionate about Data and love what you do

How to apply

Tell us what you want to teach –> tell us more about the course (how long will it be, who is it for) –> tell us about yourself and your experience in the field.


Apply to become a trainer!