About us

With companies in virtually every field and industry working to unlock the value in their data and business intelligence, the demand for top-tier skills and data talent continues to soar. Access to advanced technology training, however, has not kept pace with market demands.

For the first time, data professionals can learn in live and real-time from recognized experts.  Rather than learning basic or entry-level skills, NAYA Academy trainers represent the best in their fields. Delivered in multiple languages, training is live, allowing the greatest degree of direct and real-time student/instructor interaction.

NAYA Academy brings the Data industry together for a data driven, informed decision making processes.

  • Professional development (Training programs for Data professionals)
  • Business growth (Customized training programs for employees and teams)
  • Data trainers (Experts worldwide delivering training programs)
  • Data vendors (Solution providers offering product trainings)

Our mission is to provide Data professionals worldwide with the skills to grow their businesses.

  • Live training with industry experts (where questions can be answered there and then)
  • On-demand library (that can be access at any time and place)
  • Printed literature (including articles and discussions with industry experts)

Our trainers are from a variety of backgrounds, from Business Intelligence to Software Engineering. We hand pick them to make sure you get the highest quality of trainers. To qualify, NAYA Academy trainers provide documentation of:

  • Proven training experience
  • Expertise in her/his field
  • Hands-on experience in the real world
  • Passion about Data and love for his/her profession